GPS Apps for Skiers That Help You Unplug—Yes, Really

These days the quantity and capabilities of apps available for mobile devices are quite impressive—let alone how powerful smartphones have become. In my case my phone is better than my computer… but I digress. Ironically, some of these apps that focus on outdoor travel, recreation, and exploration provide technology that allows you to disconnect from this media-centric society.

Is Skiing Good for the Health of Glaciers, or Speeding Their Demise?

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And while there is nothing more annoying than pulling your phone out while in the woods, or on a chairlift for that matter, below are a few handy apps that skiers can utilize in the offseason, some of which are equally worthwhile in the winter. Each of them will help you venture farther off the beaten path, or drool over mountain ranges and ski lines until snow flies again.

How Forgetting My Phone Led to an Unforgettable Day of Skiing

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