Visual Tour: 6 of the Planet’s Most Epic Volcanoes

People around the globe are experiencing travel restrictions of one kind or another, keeping us from overseas destinations and the landscapes that define them. During these strange times, we can at least take time to appreciate some of those geologic wonders—especially when it comes to a common one that we all share. Meaning, there’s one type of natural landmark that every continent has had for millions of years: volcanoes. While not all are active, they’re always impressive and worth taking a minute to appreciate.

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And if you’ve ever stood in the presence of a massive volcano, then you know the awe. While nothing can beat the real experience, talented photographers often find certain vantage points that evoke more than the typical view from the ground. Here’s six of the most iconic and breathtaking volcanoes from across the globe. As soon as travel restrictions lift, any one is an obvious fit on the bucket-list.

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