5 Reusable Straw Options to Lessen Your Single-Use Plastic Consumption

The single-use plastic straw has faced some serious scrutiny from the environmentally aware crowd in recent years. It is one of a multitude of small, recyclable pieces of plastic that continue to end up in landfills. (Because of their small size, often times they can be missed in the sorting process, and they end up in landfills, the ocean, and the world over.) And the plastic straw is one of the most visible, and therefore targetable, offending plastic products.

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If you’re a fan of using straws, you may be wondering just how you’ll sip your beverages come 2021 and beyond. (Although, we’d like to point out the straw itself is purely convenience, and you could, you know, just drink out of your cup… Just saying.)

To help you out in your liquid dilemma, we’ve rounded up five reusable straw options. They range in materials, from stainless steel to copper, as well as price, providing an option for everyone.

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