Some of the Best the Gear You’ll Need to Get Into Mountaineering

Have you ever wanted to walk a ridge line in the clouds and summit a mountain? Thought so.

Mountaineering is, in essence, a multi-faceted problem solving exercise. There are so many factors to take into consideration from timing of the day, route finding, interpreting the terrain, evaluating the changing conditions, rockfall avoidance and how to configure the climbing rope to optimize your efficiency.

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Additionally, you will need to know how to kick steps on a snow slope, belay your partner on snow and ice and you also need how to travel on glaciers efficiently. It is a sport that you can always learn more about.

Whether you have a climbing background, ski background or scrambling background, it is suggested to go to a general mountaineering course like the ones offered by guides or alpine clubs to get the skill set needed to accomplish your objectives—and the gear.

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Here is some of the best mountaineering gear to help you summit.